website design

Why do you need a website?

7 reassons why you need a website
1. Instant Ethos

When people look for a specific service/product, the first thing they look for is a website. If those possible clients don't or can't find your website, they are twice as likely not to consider your business as legitimate. Ultimately, they will move on to a business that does have a website and you will have just lost a weeks worth of coffee.

2. Expand your reach

Having a website triples your odds of your business of being found. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques make it possible to achieve reaching the top search result on Google.

3. Display content visually

A website is your home to sell your product/service. Unlike social media, websites could be customized any way you want. Your website is a place to showcase what you do and waht you have done. You can display virtualy anything within the pages of your website.

4. Tell your story

Everyone lives their own unique story. With the help of a website, you can tell that story to the world. Publicizing your story allows for many more potential clients to know what your business is about and what you have done to get where you are now.

5. Answer frequently asked questions

Tired of answering the same question over and over again? Having a website with a dedicated FAQ page tends to be beneficial to both you and your clients. Not only will a FAQ page help, provinding your clients with a content rich website will also ensure that their questions are answered without you having to message them.

6. Don't rely just on Social media

Being dependent on social media is a poor business strategy. Social media changes constantly, your online presence doesn't have to. Social media may work now, but tomorrow it may not. Social media restricts what you can do. A website allows you to own, create, and control the content which belongs to you, not Zuckerberg.

7. Your competition does
so why not?

The only reason why your competition is attracting more costomers than you is because they have a website and you don't. Simply having a website gives yourself a fighting chance against the "Robber Barons" of today.

Why choose MDGIII?

I work hard for your satisfaction and so you don't have to
Modern Designs

I design websites ready for the 2020's, not like some other companies that design for the 1990's.

100% responsive

One third the population owns a smartphone. Designing a website that is responsive is important so that your website looks clean on many display sizes.

Highly customized

My extensive knowledge of HTML & CSS allows me to design your dreams into a reality.

SSL Encrypted

All websites designed by me are equipped with Cloudflare's Universal SSL to ensure security.

Fast load times

I take load time as a measurement of how much clients you gain. The faster a wbsite loads, the more clients you acquire.


A website is not done until the client is happy. This is why I work directly with you along the way to make sure my clients are satisfied with every detail.

How do I build your website?

Services and tools that help me design websites efficiently
  • Github

    This is where I store your website whilst I am working on it.

  • Atom

    A text editor that I use to write HTML and CSS with.

  • Google Chrome
    Google Chrome

    My browser of choice to design and test websites.

  • Unsplash

    A place where I find images to place on websites (if none are supplied by a client).

  • Travis CI
    Travis CI

    A continuous integration service I use to sync Github with Firebase.

  • Firebase

    This is where your website will reside once finished.

  • Google Domains
    Google Domains

    Enables me to access many tools to enrich the websites I make.

  • Cloudflare

    Used for an extra layer of security and to speed up websites.