Graphic Design

Projects that I offer

I provide numerous types of projects for you to chose from that suits your business best
  • Logos

    For $100, I will design 5 logos for your business to choose from. If you are not satisfied with the 5 I designed, each additional logo will be $30.

  • Posters

    Custom made posters for anything from party anouncements to business ads to inspirational posters.

  • Social Media Ads

    Ads to be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Business Cards

    Having business cards saves you time by having all of your contact info on one card.

  • Banners

    Like posters, just longer. Meant for bigger spaces and to be seen from far away.

  • Anything else that can be printed

    If you can think of it, I can design it. Contact me to find out if I can design it.


Some examples of projects that I have completed
Project Example

EHS 2020 Vaporwave

A Vaporwave inspired poster
Project Example

2020 YAM Flag Contest for California

Winning flag design for California
Project Example

CSEA Recruitment Flyer

Designed to recruit more staff to the union